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ACA Administration
Tracking. Measuring. Reporting. ACA compliance is a lot of work. Let us help. 

ACA Compliance

Although its status has been questionable at times, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains law and employers must continue to meet its challenging requirements or face substantial penalties. Complying with ACA rules is no easy task and can be very difficult for employers.

Outsourcing ACA administration reduces an employer’s workload and can help ensure that an employer accurately manages their ACA program while protecting them from potential penalties.

We’ve designed our services to be as simple and efficient as possible so employers can focus on their core business. Employers send us their data and then we perform the appropriate calculations and determinations as well as handle all of the ACA reporting requirements.

State Mandates


Several states are now requiring residents to have insurance just like the federal ACA program. And just like the federal program, employers and health plans are required to report Form 1095 information to the states. We can do it for you.


Service Options

We offer two different services options to meet your needs:
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Our “full” ACA service includes everything an employer needs to fully comply with ACA requirements, including full-time and part-time tracking and affordability determinations, automated 1095-C code generation, printing and distributing 1095-C forms, preparing and filing Form 1094-C, and expert support.
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For employers who only need help with ACA reporting requirements, we offer a “reporting-only” service that includes automated 1095-C code generation, printing and distributing 1095-C forms, preparing and filing Form 1094-C, and expert support.

ACA Compliance Administration Services

Monthly and look-back measurement methods
Track and determine full-time and part-time status
Alerts to employers of eligibility status changes
Affordability Tracking
Automated code generation for Form 1095-C
Produce, print, and distribute IRS Forms 1095
Produce and file IRS Form 1094
Certified IRS AIR Transmitter
Flexible and secure data transfers
We accept data from multiple sources
Data controls to ensure logical consistencies
Data warehousing and archiving
Employee Coverage Tool (ECT) Form
Exchange notice appeal support
Premium Tax Credit appeals support
Audit defense support

Key Items to Consider

When considering ACA administration vendors, keep these key service features in mind:


To ensure accurate outcomes, make sure the vendor can support both monthly and look-back measurement methods.


Many ACA administrators don't offer form printing and mailing, which leaves it up to you to find a solution for distributing 1095 forms.


You'll want to make sure the vendor will file all required forms with the IRS. If they don't, you are responsible for filing the forms each year.

Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions

Choosing how to handle ACA compliance is an important decision that could potentially cost you big in the long run. Before you make a decision, make sure you're asking all the right questions.

Download our list of critical questions you should ask when considering your options.

ACA Penalties are Very Real and Very Costly


In late 2017, the IRS started issuing Letter 226-J to applicable large employers (ALEs) who the IRS has determined are liable for an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP). For many employers, the ESRP penalty is in the millions of dollars.

If you have received a Letter 226-J, we can help.

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